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13th International Symposium on the Ordovician Symposium

13th International Symposium on the Ordovician System will be held from July 19th to July 22th, 2019 in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Full details are available on the conference website: http://isos13.ipgg.sbras.ru and in the Third Circular.

Important Dates:

  • December 2018: Distribution of the Third Circular
  • December 2018-February 2019: Registrations for the Symposium
  • 15 February 2019: Preliminary registration
  • 15 April 2019: Deadline for short papers
  • March/April 2019: Fourth Circular appears in Ordovician News with final Program and Arrival Instructions
  • Pre-Symposium field trip 1 (Ordovician of St. Petersburg): July 15-17, 2019
  • Pre-Symposium field trip 2 (Ordovician of the Altai Mountains): July 09-18, 2019
  • Scientific sessions, Novosibirsk: July 19-22, 2019
  • Post-Symposium field trip (Ordovician of the Siberian Platform): July 22-30, 2019

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Ordovician News 36 published

Ordovician News No 36 compiled by Ian Percival is now available for download.

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Call for Contributions – Ordovician News 36

Dear Friend of the Ordovician,

We are now into 2019, which means that you are receiving my annual request for research reports covering 2018, to be compiled and published as Ordovician News Number 36.

The format of the newsletter will closely follow that of previous issues (which you can access on the Ordovician Subcommission web page, at http://ordovician.stratigraphy.org )

2019 is a significant year for all Ordovician research workers, as the 13th International Symposium on the Ordovician System (13th ISOS) will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia, during July. The ISOS is held every four years, and is the major global conference for Ordovician specialists to present their research and hear the latest advances in Ordovician studies from their colleagues.

DEADLINE for receipt of your contribution to Ordovician News Number 36 will be February 28, 2019.

I anticipate that the Newsletter will be distributed in March 2019 (early April at the latest), depending on when the Final Circular for the 13th ISOS is ready for inclusion in Ordovician News.

You are welcome to include information on your research activities covering all aspects of the Ordovician System, plus a list of publications that appeared in 2018 in print or online that have not been included in previous issues of the newsletter. Please  do not include manuscripts that are in prep, in review, or have not yet been formally accepted by journal or book editors. Note that I reserve the right to omit articles that deal exclusively with topics and geological systems not related to the Ordovician. This is because the publication lists compiled in Ordovician News are used to indicate and compare the amount of research activity on the Ordovician that is being generated year to year. 

Recent issues of Ordovician News provide a good guide to citation style. Following is the preferred format (which will save me a lot of time if you adhere to it please): 
Bergstrom, S.M., Chen Xu, Schmitz, B., Young, S., Rong Jia-yu & Saltzman, M.R. 2009. First documentation of the Ordovician Guttenberg δ13C excursion (GICE) in Asia: chemostratigraphy of the Pagoda and Yanwashan formations in southeastern China. Geological Magazine 146, 1-11.

Personal contact details – again, check recent issues of Ordovician News for the information needed about your contact details. If these have not changed from last year, please still supply them (perhaps just copy them from Ordovician News 35).

Any contributions dealing with matters of debate about the Ordovician System are also sought. Notification of new projects (both national and international) and upcoming events (international symposia, conferences and congresses) relevant to the Ordovician System will ensure that these important gatherings are brought to the attention of potential attendees. Reports of meetings held in 2018, articles regarding awards to researchers, and obituaries, can also be contributed. Illustrations should be sent as attachments in JPEG or TIFF formats, not more than 5 MB in size.  

If you know of anyone, such as new students, who might not be on the mailing list for Ordovician News, please forward this message and encourage them to contribute a summary of their contact details, research activities, and any publications. 

Ian Percival, Secretary of the Subcommission

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IGCP 653 Annual meeting in Yichang, China, October 2017

The second annual meeting of the International Geoscience Programme Project 653 “Filling the gap between Cambrian Explosion and the GOBE” will be held in Yichang, China from October 8 through 18, 2017.  


Provisional Programme:
  • Oct. 8 (Sunday), 2017: Arrival, registration (ice breaker).
  • Oct. 9 (Monday), 2017: Oral and poster presentations.
  • Oct. 10 (Tuesday), 2017: Oral and poster presentations, workshop.
  • Oct. 11 (Wednesday), 2017: Mid-conference field trip.
  • Oct. 12 (Thursday), 2017: Oral and poster presentations, conference banquet.
  • Oct. 13—Oct. 18, 2017: Post-conference field excursion in Hubei and Hunan Provinces.
  • Oct.19 (Thursday), 2017: Departures.

Indoor sessions will be held in the Taohualing Hotel, Yichang City, Hubei Province, China.

The mid-conference field trip will visit the Furongian to Middle Ordovician successions, the GSSPs of Dapingian and Hirnantian stages near the Yichang city, and a few historical and scenery sites of Yangtze Gorges.

The post-conference excursion will investigate a number of classic sections of the Guzhangian (Series 3, Cambrian) to Upper Ordovician around the Yangtze Gorges area.


Important dates

  • December 19, 2016: Distribution of First Circular
  • March 1, 2017: Website of the conference available for information and registration
  • April 1, 2017: Distribution of Second Circular
  • September 15, 2017: Distribution of Last Circular
Contact information
Any questions or suggestions related to the meeting and field trips should be directed to:
Dr. FAN Junxuan (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology): fanjunxuan@gmail.com
Dr. ZHANG Yuandong (Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology): ydzhang@nigpas.ac.cnDetailed costs and registration information will be posted in the second circular distributed on April 1, 2017.
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